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Modules - Reports [rpt]

Reports module implements the logic of defining a report, preparing it and make in available for download in CzechIdM GUI. Other modules can provide its own report bulks which will then be available in [rpt].

 [reports] and [rpt] modules

[rpt] module itself contains one example report. Other reports you can get via implemented reports [reports] module or implement yourself.

Via reports module administrators can prepare reports of identities, roles and many others.

Basic reports available:

  • Users (example): formats - json, xlsx
  • Provisioning operations - Overview of waiting (active) operations in provisioning queue and attributes, witch will be provisioned to target system. Supported formats: XLSX
  • Identities - assigned incompatible roles. Supported formats: XLSX

All generated reports are available in web GUI, where also the status of the report is shown (Running/Executed). There, after the report is prepared, users can download it.

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