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 ====== Workflow ====== ====== Workflow ======
-Workflow is in CzechIdM usually used to represent [[devel:​adm:​identity_processes|identity process]] e.g. "​Enabled contract"​. Workflow is a piece of code that 
-  * service some process (business process, identity lifecycle process etc...) 
-  * can generate and manage [[devel:​adm:​tasks|user tasks]] 
-  * is usually started by [[devel:​adm:​scheduled_tasks|LRT]] or application event e.g. [[devel:​adm:​systems#​synchronization|synchronization]]. 
-  * is stateful 
-===== Workflow diagram ===== 
-Workflow has its diagram which is the best way for describing it. 
-{{ :​devel:​adm:​workflow_example.png?​600 |}} 
-When workflow process is in progress, the red line symbolize the path through the workflow states. 
-===== Workflow import ===== 
-CzechIdM uses several standard workflows, which can be of course replaced e.g with upgraded version. Or new workflows can be imported. To do so, go to the menu Settings -> Workflow definitions. There is a list of current workflows. 
-{{ :​devel:​adm:​workflow_setting.png?​600 |}} 
-Use the dotted rectangular area at the top of the page to drag there a workflow file. If you load a workflow which was already present in the application,​ the version number is increased by 1. If there was a new version uploaded and old workflow had some instances running, they finish its run following original version of workflow. New instances of workflow are run with uploaded (new) definition. 
-If you click on the workflow name, you can see the workflow detail including the workflow diagram. 
-===== Workflow definition in a file ===== 
-Workflow definition is kept in a file which is of the XML format. You can find standard workflows in [[https://​​bcvsolutions/​CzechIdMng/​tree/​develop/​Realization/​backend/​core/​core-impl/​src/​main/​resources/​eu/​bcvsolutions/​idm/​workflow | source files]]. Workflow definitions are loaded from files every time the application is started. 
-===== Workflow run history ===== 
-Workflow runs are audited. Follow [[devel:​adm:​tasks#​workflow_history|this link]] to see how the workflow history works.