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 +<- .:​modules_ca |  ^ .:start | Documentation ^  .:​modules_scim | ->
 +====== Modules - SMS [sms] ======
 +The module provides sending sms via gateway and gateway can be placed behind proxy. Now is available these implementations (drivers):
 +===== SMS Sender - GET script =====
 +URL with SMS gateway is composed by script defined in application properties. Script return URL in string and CzechIdM realize GET method with this URL. The script composed URL with all necessary parameters like username and password for gateway, text message, number and etc.. About next communication like proxy, secure (https) its cares CzechIdM itself.
 +==== Admin tutorials ====
 +  * [[tutorial:​adm:​modules_sms|Configure SMS module]]
 +  * [[devel:​documentation:​modules_sms:​versions|]]
 +==== Developers tutorials ====