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 ====== Workflows ====== ====== Workflows ======
-Workflow ​is in CzechIdM ​usually ​used to represent ​identity ​process e.g. "​Enable contract"​. Workflow is a piece of code that +Workflow in CzechIdM ​is typically ​used to represent ​process ​involving identities, ​e.g. the "​Enable contract" ​process. Workflow is a piece of code that 
-  * service ​some process (business process, identity lifecycle process etc...)+  * services ​some process (business process, identity lifecycle process etc...)
   * can generate and manage [[.:​user_tasks|User tasks]]   * can generate and manage [[.:​user_tasks|User tasks]]
-  * is usually started by [[.:​scheduled_task| Scheduled tasks]] or application event e.g. [[.:​synchronization| Synchronization]].+  * is usually started by [[.:​scheduled_task| Scheduled tasks]] or an application event, typically ​[[.:​synchronization| Synchronization]].
   * is stateful   * is stateful
 ===== Diagram ===== ===== Diagram =====
-Workflow has its diagram which is the best way for describing it.+The best way to describe any given workflow is its diagram.
 {{ :​devel:​adm:​workflow_example.png?​800 |}} {{ :​devel:​adm:​workflow_example.png?​800 |}}
-When workflow process is in progress, the red line symbolize ​the path through the workflow states.+When workflow process is in progress, the red line symbolizes ​the path through the workflow states.
 ===== Import and versioning===== ===== Import and versioning=====
-CzechIdM uses several standard workflows, ​which can be of course ​replaced e.g with upgraded version. ​Or new workflows can be imported. To do so CzechIdM supports **drag & drop** on its GUI for workflows management.+CzechIdM uses several standard workflows. Of coursethese can be replaced ​e.gwith an upgraded version. ​Also, new workflows can be imported. To facilitate workflow management, ​CzechIdM supports ​**drag & drop** ​feature ​on its GUI.
-If a workflow is imported to CzechIdm which was already present in the application ​before, the version number is increased by 1. If there was a new version uploaded and old workflow ​had some instances running, ​they finish ​its run following ​original version of workflow. ​New instances of workflow are run with uploaded (new) definition.+If a workflow is imported to CzechIdm which had already ​been present in the application,​ the version number is increased by 1. If a new version ​of workflow has been uploadedand an old workflow ​has some instances running, ​these finish ​their runs in accord with the original version of the workflow. ​From then on, new instances of the workflow are run with the uploaded (new) definition.
 ===== Definition in a file ===== ===== Definition in a file =====
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 ===== Admin guide ===== ===== Admin guide =====
 +  * [[.workflow:​adm:​processes| Workflow overview]]
   * [[tutorial:​adm:​user_tasks#​workflow_history| Workflow history example]]   * [[tutorial:​adm:​user_tasks#​workflow_history| Workflow history example]]
 ===== Devel guide ===== ===== Devel guide =====
   * [[.workflows:​dev:​workflow-hr-processes| Workflows implementation]]   * [[.workflows:​dev:​workflow-hr-processes| Workflows implementation]]