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 ====== FAQ ====== ====== FAQ ======
-Do we really need to structure it on that many levels? 
-What about: "​general faq", "​application faq", "​developer faq" and in each of those pages just do a Q&A list? Seems simpler to me. 
 <nspages :faq: -h1 -subns -textNS="​Sections:"​ -textPages="​Questions:"​ -simpleList -anchorName="​FAQ"​ -hideNoPages -hideNoSubns > <nspages :faq: -h1 -subns -textNS="​Sections:"​ -textPages="​Questions:"​ -simpleList -anchorName="​FAQ"​ -hideNoPages -hideNoSubns >
 Add new "​FAQ"​ entry: {{NEWPAGE>​[:​faq]}} Add new "​FAQ"​ entry: {{NEWPAGE>​[:​faq]}}