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 +====== CzechIdM Identity Manager======
 +CzechIdM is an identity management tool for user accounts that automates the operations associated with establishing and managing identities. CzechIdM manages user accounts, roles, groups, organizational structures, and their relationships to individual applications and data. All performed operations are recorded, so you always have a complete overview of who has what access and why.
 +{{ :​idm_schema.png?​900 |}}
 +==== Main usecases ====
 +  * **Manage identities from one central place:** Use our unique console to create, approve, sync and audit all of your user identities.
 +  * **Improve company security:** Always know who has access to your systems and why. Be able to block access to anyone. Enforce a secure password policy.
 +  * **Automate identity life cycles:** Synchronize identities in your systems. Simplify HR processes, grant users access and provision them automatically.
 +{{ :​architektura-2.jpg?​600 |}}
 +==== Links ====
 +  * Stable release: [[https://​github.com/​bcvsolutions/​CzechIdMng/​releases]]
 +  * Nightly build: [[http://​download.czechidm.com/​CzechIdM/​nightly/​current/​idm.war|idm.war]]
 +  * Documentation:​ [[http://​wiki.czechidm.com|CzechIdM docs]]
 +  * Online demo: [[http://​demo.czechidm.com/​]]
 +  * BugTrack tool Redmine: [[https://​redmine.czechidm.com/​projects/​czechidmng]]
 +  * GitHub: [[https://​github.com/​bcvsolutions/​CzechIdMng]]
 +  * Contact options, Google groups and more: [[https://​wiki.czechidm.com/​support]]
 +**Now we are working on:**
 +{{rss>​https://​github.com/​bcvsolutions/​CzechIdMng/​commits/​develop.atom 15 description date 1h}}
 +=== Screenshots ===
 +{{:​login_page.png?​200|}} {{:​basic_info.png?​200|}} {{:​role.png?​200|}} {{:​users.png?​200|}} {{:​wf_history.png?​200|}}