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-====== ​Block log in after X unsuccessful login attempts ====== +====== ​A temporary login block after X unsuccessful login attempts ====== 
-For prevent CzechIdM from brute force attacks, you can use feature for block log in after X unsuccessful login attemps. The feature can be set only for **default validation password policy**.+In order to prevent CzechIdM from brute force attacks, you can use feature for blocking login after X unsuccessful login attempts. The feature can be set only for **default validation password policy**.
 {{ :​tutorial:​adm:​block_01.png |}} {{ :​tutorial:​adm:​block_01.png |}}
-After user exceed number in **Maximum number of unsuccessful login attempts**. User will be blocked for seconds (**Login blocking time (seconds)**). ​After block will be also send notification to the user with information about block (topic: **loginBlocked**). ​When user tries log in after block, block time isn't increased. The interval ​is still same. When blocking ​expires ​user can log in.+When a user has exceeded the **Maximum number of unsuccessful login attempts**, the user is blocked for a specified number of seconds (**Login blocking time (seconds)**). ​When a block has occurred, a notification ​is sent to the user regarding the block instance ​(topic: **loginBlocked**). ​If a user still tries to log in after the block has been activatedthe block time isn't increased. The interval ​remains the same. Once the blocking ​time has elapsed, the user can then log in.
-Information about block is show at user detail.+Information about the block is shown in the user'​s ​detail.
 {{ :​tutorial:​adm:​block_03.png |}} {{ :​tutorial:​adm:​block_03.png |}}
-==== User was synchronized ​from system and doesn'​t ​has password in IdM, authentication is trough ​this system, will this feature work for it? ==== +==== A user was populated ​from a connected ​system and doesn'​t ​have a password in IdM, authentication is done through ​this system, will this feature ​still work for such a user? ==== 
-Yes. After user tries for first time log in to IdM it will be created ​empty password object for this user. To this object will be added information about unsuccessful login attempts.+Yes. When a user tries for the first time to log in to IdM, an empty password object ​is created ​for the user. It is this object ​that will collect ​information about any respective ​unsuccessful login attempts.
 ===== Block example ===== ===== Block example =====
 {{ :​tutorial:​adm:​block_02.gif |}} {{ :​tutorial:​adm:​block_02.gif |}}