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   * WinRM SDDL is not configured   * WinRM SDDL is not configured
 {{:​tutorial:​adm:​winrm_500.png?​nolink|}} {{:​tutorial:​adm:​winrm_500.png?​nolink|}}
 +CredSSP handshake error  ​
 +If you get this error when you trying to use CredSSP over HTTPS connection, the problem can be that there is configured certificate thumbprint directly in config/​service  ​
 +class '​requests_credssp.exceptions.AuthenticationException'>​("​Server did not response with a CredSSP token after step Step 1. TLS Handshake - actual ''",​)  ​
 +  ​
 +<​code>​winrm set winrm/​config/​service '​@{CertificateThumbprint=""​}'</​code>​
 ==== HTTPS support ==== ==== HTTPS support ====