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 +====== Contract - Creating/​editing ======
 +To create a contract, find the identity for which the contract will be created in the tab **Users**. Click on its user name and thus display its detail.
 +{{ :​devel:​adm:​contracted_position_list.png?​600 |Contracted positions list}}
 +A list of current relations can be seen on the card **Positions**. If the identity has been created manually, it might already have assigned the default relation called Default. Now, click on the button **Add** or on the **magnifying glass symbol** next to the name of the relation to create a new relation or edit the current one.
 +{{ :​devel:​adm:​contracted_position_detail.png?​600 | A contracted position detail}}
 +The following attributes of the user’s contract can be filled in now:
 +  * **Work position** – Name of the contract, e.g., "​CEO"​
 +  * **Structure type** – Selection of a tree structure for integrating the contract
 +  * **Position** – Putting the user to a specific position in the tree structure. The selection is available only if a Structure type has been selected.
 +  * **Valid from** – the starting date of the validity of the contract. This selection influences the identity lifecycle processes and the assignment of automatic roles.
 +  * **Valid till** – the ending date of the validity of the contract. This selection influences the identity lifecycle processes and the removal of automatic roles.
 +  * **Main position** – These relations are displayed in the user’s detail profile as profile summary (green window). The relations which were created when manually creating the identity are usually labelled as Main. Main position is also widely used when user data is provisioned into connected system that does not support multiple contracts. Usually only data from the main contract is provisioned.
 +  * **External contractor** – a contract belonging to an outside contractor or any person that is not the usual employee/​student etc. Some organizations divide its users to internal and external and the approach to their administration can differ.
 +  * **Inactive** – represents the contract status with respect to its execution. For example, contract of users on parental leave are inactive. This indication is independent of the time validity of the relation – attributes Valid from, Valid till. The selection Inactive influences the identity lifecycle processes and blocking the user, mainly the process “TODO”.
 +After a new contract definition is saved, several more attributes can be filled. Moreover, you can define users' superordinates/​managers via tab **Guarantees**.
 +Managers/​guarantees play a role in approval processes and other tasks.
 +===== Video Guide =====
 +[[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=xgcyTqTjgdQ&​list=PLBeAQt3pe3EcdVE8QpCDEJcDsi_jtNQUb&​index=3|How to create new contract]] - Czech language