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 +====== Notifications - Creating and configuring topics ======
 +The overview of all notification topics can be found in the menu **Notifications -> Configuration**.
 +{{ :​tutorial:​adm:​notificationconfigurations.png |}}
 +Topics can be edited by clicking on detail (magnifying glass), a new topic is created by clicking the green button Add. For each topic, it is set: which **channel** the notification is sent through and with which **template** (message content). In addition, it can be set for which type - **level** - the notification will be sent. For example, send an email notification marked as level **info** to the user when the password is changed.
 +The following configuration sends authentication information to new users in the administered system via email.
 +{{ :​devel:​documentation:​new_password_topic.png |}}
 +New feature was added to notification'​s detail (below). It is disabled option. With this option you can disable sending that notifications you do not want to and if later you change your mind you can simply activate them.
 +{{ :​tutorial:​adm:​notificationconfigurationsdetail.png |}}
 +Into notification'​s configuration detail additional two items was added. Into Recipients you can add email adresses seperated with comma. Notifications with this topic will be send to normal recipient, which is generated in IdM, and also it'll be sent to addresses specified in '​Recipients'​. The second item '​Redirect'​ means, notification will only be sent to recipients specified in '​Recipients'​ in this case '​Recipients'​ field is mandatory.
 +{{ :​tutorial:​adm:​notificationconfigurationredirect.png |}}