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 +====== Role catalog - folder management ======
 +To create a new role catalog folder. Go to **Settings -> Role catalog**, then click on **Add** button.
 +{{ :​devel:​adm:​role_catalog_add.png |Role catalog folders list}}
 +The following attributes can be set for every folder in role catalog:
 +  * **Code** - Is unique, required field
 +  * **Folder name** - Is unique in catalog level, required field and has descriptive character
 +  * **URL title** - This will be visible in Role catalog agenda in the field URL
 +  * **URL** - Path to some site, for example if the folder will group roles for one system I can fill URL for that system. It must begin with http:⁄⁄
 +  * **Parend folder in catalog** - You can choose parent folder from existing folders in Role catalog
 +  * **description** - You can describe the purpose of this folder
 +{{ :​devel:​adm:​role_catalog_add_fields.png?​600 | Add a new folder into role catalog}}