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 </​code>​ </​code>​
-Fill "code, name, parent"​ as in picture:+Fill "code, name, parent"​ as in the picture:
 {{ :​tutorial:​adm:​prov_08.png |}} {{ :​tutorial:​adm:​prov_08.png |}}
 But "​\_\_NAME\_\_"​ fill like this picture: But "​\_\_NAME\_\_"​ fill like this picture:
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 Now we have 4 mapped attributes: Now we have 4 mapped attributes:
 {{ :​tutorial:​adm:​prov_10.png |}} {{ :​tutorial:​adm:​prov_10.png |}}
-Go to section **Organization** (in left menu) to **Structure elements** tab and **Add** new organization.+Go to the section **Organization** (in the left menu) to **Structure elements** tab and **Add** new organization.
 {{ :​tutorial:​adm:​prov_11.png |}} {{ :​tutorial:​adm:​prov_11.png |}}
 Fill in information of root organization:​ Fill in information of root organization:​
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-If you have it in state like in upper picture you sucessfuly ​complete this tutorial.+If you have it in state like in the upper picture you successfully ​complete this tutorial.
 <​note>​Thank you for trying this tutorial, I hope it was useful.</​note>​ <​note>​Thank you for trying this tutorial, I hope it was useful.</​note>​