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 +====== User tasks - tasks list and resolving a task ======
 +In CzechIdM, there is the main menu tab called **Tasks**. Since CzehIdM 7.7, it consists of two subtabs
 +  * **My tasks** - tasks for current user
 +  * **Overview of all tasks**
 +{{ :​tutorial:​adm:​tasks_list_7_7.png | Tasks}}
 +===== All users tasks =====
 +On the tab **Overview of all tasks**, administrator that has the permission TASK; ADMINISTRATIONALL can see the tasks of all users.
 +===== User tasks list =====
 +<note important>​ Since CzechIdM 7.7 Task agenda is available to users with the following **permission:​ TASK; READ; BasePermissionEvaluator**. It is advisable to add the permission to the basic **userRole** (usually together with **TASK; EXECUTE; BasePermissionEvaluator**)</​note>​
 +CzechIdM GUI has user tasks agenda available through the Tasks menu. In the table, there are all the unresolved user tasks of the respective user. By clicking on the magnifying glass sign on the same line with the given task we get the task detail.
 +{{ :​devel:​en:​adm:​task_list_en.png |}}
 +===== Resolving a task =====
 +User task detail contains important pieces of information. What information is printed out depends fully on the type of the task. In our example, the most important is the task name which consists of role name and the login of the user to whom the role will be assigned once the user task is approved. In the task detail, the approver can change the role validity FROM - TO. However, in most cases, s/he does not change the task but Accepts or Rejects it instead.
 +{{ :​devel:​en:​adm:​user_task_detail.png |}}
 +Once a task has been approved, the user task is no longer listed on the tasks agenda.
 +===== Workflow history =====
 +If the user task was created in a workflow (e.g. Change user permissions workflow), the workflow history can be found in menu Audit -> Workflow history. ​
 +{{ :​devel:​en:​adm:​wf_history_en.png |}}
 +You can click on the workflow to see its detail. In the workflow detail, there are also all user tasks that the workflow created - even those already resolved.
 +{{ :​devel:​en:​adm:​wf_detail_with_task_en.png |}}