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 ===== Virtual system import LRT ===== ===== Virtual system import LRT =====
 Documentation is available here: [[tutorial:​adm:​systems_-_import_of_data_from_csv|]] Documentation is available here: [[tutorial:​adm:​systems_-_import_of_data_from_csv|]]
 +===== Guarantees of roles can assign their roles to everybody =====
 +This feature enable that if you are guarantee at least for one role then you will see all users and you can assign/​delete/​edit roles for which you are guarantee.
 +You can see all user's roles but you can't change the others for which you are not guarantee
 +For correct behavior you need to configure three new evaluators to userRole:
 +  * IdentityAccessForRoleGuaranteeEvaluator
 +  * IdentityRoleAccessForRoleGuaranteeEvaluator
 +  * RoleRequestAccessForRoleGuaranteeEvaluator
 +Other thing you need to do is to enable service ExtrasIdmConceptRoleRequestService. This service is by default turned off in extras module.
 +Go to your project modul and create new service which will inherit from ExtrasIdmConceptRoleRequestService and add annotation Primary and Service