You are viewing the documentation for an outdated or unreleased devel version.
This page is also available in versions: 9.3, 9.4, 9.5, 9.7 (current), devel

CzechIdM - extras

CzechIdM - extras contains various features, which are not suited to be in any other module. List of the currently supported features is bellow.

Currently supported CzechIdM version : 9.2.2

  • When developing, use our standard gitflow:
    • Branch per feature. Branch naming as usual.
    • Develop on top of the develop.
    • Master branch contains tagged releases.
    • The only way for code to get into master is by pull request develop → master.
  • Release process
    1. After merging all features wanted for the release, one (selected) developer builds the develop. If it builds fine and tests are also OK, the developer edits module version in pom.xml and package.json files and sets it to X.Y.Z.
    2. Developer creates pull request on GitHub to merge develop → master.
    3. Repo admin (or any other authorized user) reviews the pull request, can request changes if necessary. Unresolved TODOs, missing comments, bad codestyle or documentation, suspected bugs, etc. - all those things can be grounds for change request.
    4. If the pull request is OK, repo admin merges it.
    5. Repo admin creates a new release in GitHub interface, version is set to X.Y.Z to correspond with version set in project sources.
    6. After release, repo admin makes changes on the develop branch: upps module version to X(+1).Y(+1).Z(+1)-SNAPSHOT in the pom.xml and package.json. What the next version of the module will be is up to discussion preceding the release.

Documentation is available here: Systems - Import of data from CSV

This feature enable that if you are guarantee at least for one role then you will see all users and you can assign/delete/edit roles for which you are guarantee. You can see all user's roles but you can't change the others for which you are not guarantee

For correct behavior you need to configure three new evaluators to userRole:

  • IdentityAccessForRoleGuaranteeEvaluator
  • IdentityRoleAccessForRoleGuaranteeEvaluator
  • RoleRequestAccessForRoleGuaranteeEvaluator

Other thing you need to do is to enable service ExtrasIdmConceptRoleRequestService. This service is by default turned off in extras module. Go to your project modul and create new service which will inherit from ExtrasIdmConceptRoleRequestService and add annotation Primary and Service