Automatic roles - adding role by node in structure

This feature is available in extras module only!
This feature will work only if you only set these two properties to true

As we need to set some automatic roles by its place in the structure we will create two new form properties. In these properties will be held names of nodes where the contract is positioned or for the second property what are his parents. Follow this tutorial to set this feature up.

These few steps are needed before we start using this feature

1) Extras module

Make sure that you have enabled Extras module. This feature is part of that module.

2) Configuration of names

Now we need to move to SettingsConfiguration and there are these properties. Provide name by your choice. In the example below you can see these properties:

module.extras.processor.set-node-to-eav - to this property we write all nodes where contract is positioned

module.extras.processor.set-structure-to-eav - to this property, we write all nodes and their parents where the contract is positioned

If some name is not filled then the feature won't be used!

Now we need to set an automatic role. Move to Roles → Automatic roles → Based on the attribute. Now follow the pictures.

  • Add new automatic role
  • Choose the role
  • Fill the name
  • Add rule
  • Fill information - you can see that you need extended attribute of the contract. Then select your attribute name set in step 2. How equals is working? It is true if in this attribute is your name of the node.
  • Now we have approved the rule and all is set up!