Getting Started

An overview of CzechIdM, how to download it, setup and use in a presentation environment.

This howto is intended for quick demo environment that can be prepared in 5 minutes. It nicely serves for first look on application and its GUI. Note that it relies on bundled in-memory database H2. After you stop the application server, you will lose all its data.

If you want to use CzechIdM in production environment see full-blown server preparation guide and installation tutorial.

  • Java 11 (Java 21 for CzechIdM 13.1.0+)
  • Windows or Unix/Linux operating system or Mac OS
  • Web browser Firefox, Chrome, Edge
  • Databases - MS-SQL or PostgreSQL
  • Application servers - Apache Tomcat and JBOSS WildFly
  • Download and install a Java (11 (21 for CzechIdM 13.1.0+)) SE Runtime Environment (JRE).
  • Install steps depend on your system. Please follow this guide to install Java. You can also use a full Java Development Kit (JDK).
  • Download and unzip Tomcat (v.9.0.45) binary archive to newly created folder: "apache-tomcat-9.0.45". Copy to place in "Program Files"
  • For advanced Tomcat setup, you can follow instructions in file RUNNING.txt in the downloaded tomcat archive.
  • Download current nightly build.
  • Copy idm.war to folder apache-tomcat-9.0.45/webapps/.

To start the application, go to folder apache-tomcat-9.0.45/bin/ and run this command:

For unix-like system you may need to set permissions to allow execution of these files:,,

For unix-like systems:


For windows systems:


After its start, Tomcat will load the CzechIdM application. This process may take a while. You can check the progress in Tomcat's logfile: apache-tomcat-9.0.45/logs/catalina.out. After the application finishes loading, you can access it with a web browser on this URL:


To log in, you can use this administrator account:

Username: admin
Password: admin
After the CzechIdM has started, you can follow basic steps tutorial or more generally read our product documentation which will show you how to actually use the identity manager.
IdM is running with temporary DB - H2. It is sufficient for quick look around in IdM, but when IdM reboots, data is lost. If you want to keep data, you can swich to PostgreSQL.

To stop the application go to folder apache-tomcat-9.0.45/bin/ and run this command:

For unix like systems:


For windows systems:


To get a quick glance onto the CzechIdM's user interface and its workings, you can also access a live demo with the last nightly build.

To install CzechIdM e.g. in test or production environment, you probably want to use proper DB. Read this CzechIdM installation tutorial. We also prepared a cookbook for server preparation

If you want to develop CzechIdM, the best way is to follow tutorial Creating a development environment or for a quick glance Quick start with devstack

If you need some other information, you can use this form to contact us.

For complete listing of contact options, pricing and such, please see the support wiki page.

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