Planned date: 04/2019

Planned date: 07/2019

  • Web GUI improvements
  • Monitoring interface (REST, dashboard)
  • Task delegation
  • New bulk action - add new guarantees to roles
  • Identity templates - new external contractor, new employee
  • Protected system management improvements - add account into protected state during synchronization and manually in GUI
  • Remove role from users on role detail page

Planned date: 09/2019

  • Audit log improvements - aggregate informations for identity in GUI
  • Evaluator templates
  • New manager computation algorithms
  • CRT module improvements
  • List objects and its attributes on the managed or source system (via account management agenda?)
  • Import and Export for CzechIdM entities (bulk actions) - min. users, roles and their relations.
  • Front End configuration in GUI
  • PAM module
  • File systems folders rights management module
  • Easy configuration import/export
  • User Task agenda with history
  • Agenda for password expirations per system
  • Password generation when contracted position starts and its distribution
  • Trace of objects (by ID?) from request to provisioning operation (virtual too) or helpdesk ticket
  • Aggregated audit agenda for Role and Organization
  • Links between object in audit - e.g. from the changed EAV to the Role
  • Organizations synchronization using timestamp
  • Attributes format validators (EAV too)
  • Reset password during the first log in
  • Easy IdM role permissions configuration - templates for most common use-cases
  • Enhanced identity lifecycle processes - new options - contract quarantine, removal from working position, complete identity removal, identity anonymization
  • localization support for user tasks and workflows
  • log error watcher with notifications (SWATCH)
  • synchronization statistics and graphic
  • Events of system operations on dashboard