Planned Q3 2023

  • SSH key distribution and validation
  • Enhanced monitoring capabilities
  • AI-powered tool for analyzing production incidents

Planned Q2 2023

  • Brand new time machine function for analyzing data and reverting unwanted changes
  • Integration with data warehouses and better support for ETL operations and reporting
  • Wizard for integration with Azure AD and other cloud-based services

Planned Q1 2023

  • Better support for integration with external industry-leading ticketing systems
  • Technological upgrade - backend
  • Technological upgrade - frontend

Planned Q4 2022

  • Wizard for configuration of the integration to industry-leading HR systems
  • Virtual system improvements (requests grouping)
  • Minor UI improvements

Planned Q3 2022

  • Improved integration with access management
  • New UI for role/account requests
  • Minor UI improvements

Released 5/2022

  • Support for multiple data sources
  • Improve synchronization performance
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Optimization of business roles recalculation
  • Security updates

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Released 2/2022

  • Selecting possible original guarantee in the bulk action Replace contract guarantee
  • Monitoring: Check failed items in long-running tasks
  • Monitoring: Number of threads waiting for EntityEvent lock

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Released 11/2021

  • Support of CAS SSO.
  • New design
  • Differential report

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Released 09/2021

  • Native support for MS AD cross-domain group membership.
  • Assign roles to multiple users

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Released 7/2021

  • Native sync of AD groups to IdM roles.
  • Wizard for create AD group system.
  • Monitoring module

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Released 5/2021

  • Upgrade the Gulp frontend library.
  • Set same password to all systems for new identity.
  • Support for the ability to configure which of the basic attributes on the identity and contract detail are required and which validations are required.

All tasks in this version are here.

  • List objects and its attributes on the managed or source system (via account management agenda?)
  • Front End configuration in GUI
  • PAM/PIM module
  • Active Directory File system folders rights management module
  • Easy configuration import/export
  • User Task agenda with history
  • Agenda for password expirations per system
  • Password generation when contracted position starts and its distribution
  • Trace of objects (by ID?) from request to provisioning operation (virtual too) or helpdesk ticket
  • Aggregated audit agenda for Role and Organization
  • Links between object in audit - e.g. from the changed EAV to the Role
  • Organizations synchronization using timestamp
  • Attributes format validators (EAV too)
  • Reset password during the first log in
  • Easy IdM role permissions configuration - templates for most common use-cases
  • Enhanced identity lifecycle processes - new options - contract quarantine, removal from working position, complete identity removal, identity anonymization
  • localization support for user tasks and workflows
  • log error watcher with notifications (SWATCH)
  • synchronization statistics and graphic
  • Events of system operations on dashboard
  • by doischert