Basic operations

After the CzechIdM has been installed or set up in demo environment, you can sign in the application and try some magic.

After log in, you get to the dashboard - The main page. There you see aggregated important information about your profile as well as open user tasks waiting for your actions (probably empty now).

First thing you might do after the install is to create a new user that is not shared, so you don't have to use the admin account. You can follow this tutorial to do so.

For the new user you should assign a role, so he gets permissions to administrate CzechIdM. For a quick use, assign the superAdminRole, which is by default present in CzechIdM. Then log out and you can log in, using new user.

Now, you are ready to connect system like SAP, Vema, MS AD, Exchange, LDAP and many others, prepare data synchronization, define CzechIdM permissions, create Virtual systems and much more. Read the full documentation to learn how to do that.

  • by cirkval