Identity - creating a new one

Log in to CzechIdM as a user with the permission to administer users. Go to users’ agenda and click on Create user.  User list agenda

The form for creating a new user will appear, where the basic information about the user can be filled in. The required attributes are username, surname and password.

The following user attributes can be filled in:

  • User name – The user is identified by his or her username and logs in to CzechIdM with it as well. User name must be unique.
  • Personal number - the user's personal number is a unique identifier, that can be used for filtering and some project specific implementation,
  • Surname – a descriptive attribute of the user, it is used for autocompleting forms and search fields
  • Password – The password can be generated using the box Generate password. It can also be written manually. In both cases, the password must meet the CzechIdM password policy, which is done automatically by the password policies.
  • Email – Email notifications from CzechIdM for the user are sent to this email address.
  • Title before, Title after – descriptive attributes of the user
  • Phone number – SMS notifications from CzechIdM for the user are sent to this phone number.
  • Inactive – Inactive users cannot log in to CzechIdM. This attribute is often used to map to an indication of a blocking on the end system (MS AD – blocked)
  • Description - a descriptive attribute of the user

The creation of a user is confirmed by clicking on Create. Managing the user’s information such as the job position or permissions can be done only after creating the user. By clicking the button back, the form is closed without saving. By clicking the arrow next to the button Create, a drop-down menu Create and edit will appear, which allows finishing the creation of the identity immediately and continue editing other user’s attributes such as, relations, roles, etc.

The whole concept of account management and role management is based around identity's contract. Identity can have contract created automatically or manually

  • by doischert