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 +====== Basic operations ======
 +After the CzechIdM has been [[tutorial:​adm:​czechidm_installation|installed]] or set up in [[:​getting-started|demo]] environment,​ you can sign in the application and try some magic.
 +===== Dashboard =====
 +After log in, you get to the dashboard - The main page. There you see aggregated important information about your [[devel:​adm:​identities|profile]] as well as open [[devel:​adm:​tasks| user tasks]] waiting for your actions (probably empty now).
 +===== Create your own application user =====
 +First thing you might do after the install is to create a new user that is not shared, so you don't have to use the admin account. You can follow [[tutorial:​adm:​new_identity|this tutorial]] to do so.
 +===== Role assignment =====
 +For the new user you should assign a role, so he gets permissions to administrate CzechIdM. For a quick use, [[tutorial:​adm:​role_change|assign]] the superAdminRole,​ which is by default present in CzechIdM. Then log out and you can log in, using new user.
 +===== Further steps =====
 +Now, you are ready to connect system like SAP, Vema, MS AD, Exchange, LDAP [[devel:​dev:​system:​supported-connectors|and many others]], prepare data synchronization,​ define CzechIdM permissions,​ create Virtual systems and much more. Read the [[devel:​documentation:​start| full documentation]] to learn how to do that.