The Architecture of CzechIdM is highly modular. The core module serves as a basic module and is essential for the application run. All other modules are usually dependent on the Core module. The Acc module users Core module services and is also very important to the application, but the application can run with the module turned off. The module takes care of user accounts on connected systems. Usually the module is ON on almost all cases. Other important module for the application is IC module. It manages the communication with the connected systems. The module is ON in almost all cases.

Except basic application modules, there are other complementary modules available. Modules Pricing

Basic application modules description documentation license available
core Application core - basic services, entities and REST interface Administrator's guide MIT for free
acc user account management MIT for free
ic Connectors for the communication with other systems. At the time mainly ConnId project connectors are supported. ic-connectors MIT for free
example Example module, servers for new developers as example MIT for free
Complementary modules description documentation license available
reg Users registration to CzechIdM via web GUI Users registration module [reg] paid
ca Internal certificate authority with RESTful API TODO paid
openam openAM user authentication, user data exchange CzechIdM OpenAM module [openam] paid
pwd-reset Password reset module. User can reset lost password via email link TODO paid

The list of all installed modules in the application is available in GUI via menu Settings → Modules