Install JDK 8.

Install Maven. - Required version is 3.1 or higher

Install Tomcat 8.0.*. Tested versions: 8.0.24, 8.0.35, 8.0.36

Project modules [mandatory]

  • parent Maven parent of all following submodules with common dependencies
  • core Contains base IdM functionality (entities, repositories, services etc.)
    • core-api Core interfaces
    • core-test-api Test interfaces
    • core-impl Core services, entities and rest implementation
  • app Contains example .war application - all modules (core + business modules) and their configuration

Application modules [optional]

  • acc Account management module
  • module-example Example application module / skeleton

Maven modules [optional]

  • gui Frontend as .war package
  • module-aggregator Complex builder for all modules

The quickest way to build whole backend application, is to use module-aggreagator. Go to module-aggreagator folder, where pom.xml is located and run command:

mvn clean install

or you can build it with separeate gui (requires gulp installation from frontend installation guide)

mvn clean install -separatedApp

or you can build full released app in one idm.war file containing backend and frontend with acc and example modules. (requires gulp installation from frontend installation guide)

mvn clean install -Prelease

Also you can build all mandatory project modules one by one in order above using:

mvn clean install

Deploy idm-backend.war or idm.war file located in target folder of app module to Tomcat/webapps.

username: admin

password: admin

Default profile is using h2 database. It is not nessesary to configure it for first start.

All configuration properties are in documentation