CzechIdM 7.4.0 - Diamond

Main milestones:

This was the biggest challenge of this version. The goal was for the service layer to use only DTO objects instead of entities. Using DTOs have brought significant changes to the interfaces of all modules. All necessary changes are described here.

A virtual system is a system which cannot be, due to various reasons, managed by CzechIdM directly. The virtual system works as a notification platform for the system's administrator who then performs the actual changes on the system. This administrator must ensure that the change is made to the managed system. In other words, CzechIdM "knows" what the user should have on the running system for accounts and permissions, but on the system this must be executed by the administrator. You can find more about virtual systems here.

Managed system can be switched to use asynchronous processing. Requests for provisioning are then created and fall directly into the queue. They are processed long running task periodically.