Configuration - frontend

Frontend configuration is stored in czechidm-app module under czechidm-app/config folder and is separated by profile (by client) and stage (development / test / production) read more.

When frontend is build by gulp, then selected configuration by profile and stage is moved (and transformed) into application as config.js file . This file can be found in application on root path (e.g. dist/config.js). Configuration in this file can be changed and will be used in application - application rebuild is not needed (just F5).

Configuration items

Configuration is represented by json object with properties:

# Application name - e.g. is used for password change - account select
"app": { "name": "CzechIdM" }
# Application stage (development, test, production)
"env": "development"
# Rest api - backend server url 
"serverUrl": "http://localhost:8080/idm-backend/api/v1"
# Path to theme (warning: rebuild is needed - configurable only in profile)
"theme": "czechidm-core/themes/default"
# logger
"logger": { "level": "INFO" }
# Reacaptcha component configuration (uses Google ReCaptcha) - see more in component's readme
"recaptcha": {
  "enabled": true,
  "siteKey": "<secret frontend google recatpcha key>"
# Supported locales
"locale": {
  "supported": ["cs", "en"],
  "fallback": "cs"
# Default (global) page size for tables, sect boxes etc.
"pagination": { "size": 10 }