9.1 - Moonstone

Version Moonstone brings the role life cycle and other small features as other contract positions (all important changes are in the changelog).

Common request agenda was developed for this purpose. Role contains a lot of sub records (business roles for example), which have to approved together or not - sub process can be defined for related records.

More about this feature you can find here.

Other contract positions can be configured. Other positions are used for assign automatic roles by tree nodes.

More about this feature you can find here.

  • #1183 - Hide character bases in password policy
  • #1186 - Agenda of requests - implementation
  • #1236 - Testing test scenarios for 9.0.0
  • #1201 - Reconciliation with default role creates duplicit links to account
  • #1229 - Adding more roles to role request
  • #1235 - Unable to log in after installation
  • #1241 - Bulk action fails if "Identifiers" field contains more than 255 characters (IdmLongRunningTask taskDescription has 255 length)
  • #1244 - Deleting identity fails, when example module is installed
  • #1245 - Left menu broken
  • #1145 - Support multiple organizations for one contract


- Don't forget to update czechidm-app module on frontend, if project specific app module is used (Index.js was updated).

Known issues