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9.5.0 - Pyrite

Version Pyrite brings the duplication of roles, deduplication of assigned roles, improving of the audit agenda, performance optimization for account management and provisioning and many of small improvements and fixies.

Role can be duplicated by prepared bulk action. Bulk action is available on the roles table.


More about this feature you can find here.

Main purpose of new feature role deduplication is removing duplicity in assigned roles. The assigned roles will be removed by role request. The deduplication is started by new bulk action on user agenda. The bulk action process each identity contract and assigned roles. Information about removing algorithm can be found there here. The main part of algorithm is check role validity and then check role parameters.


More about this feature you can find here.

The audit for login contains information about user successful and failed logins.


More about this feature you can find here.

Audit contains information about password changes. The audit is not composed by classic audit records but from password history records. Same history records are used for check history password.


More about this feature you can find here.

Audit contains information about added, removed and changed roles that is assigned to user. This audit agenda doesn't show role parameters.


More about this feature you can find here.

  • #1520 - Clone roles
  • #1387 - ACC - optimalization (one account with more than 50 roles)
  • #1521 - Deduplication of assigned roles - bulk operation
  • #1498 - Identity role audit (new audit for all sub entities)
  • #1516 - Login and password change audit
  • #1509 - Mapped attribute - table with roles where is attribute used (overridden)
  • #1269 - Include changes of EAVs of contracts in the audit of users
  • #1482 - Role description in role selectbox
  • #1508 - Role system attribute - Copy values from parent attribute
  • #1506 - FE: Dashboard - show information about empty task, if it's empty
  • #1515 - Hide button for creating identity on manager's Subordinates tab
  • #1513 - Fix enumation usage in filter - filter does'nt work
  • #1524 - Remove role mapping doesn't set historical values for merge
  • #1525 - Role attributes - change validity of assigned role
  • #1546 - Filter not working (OrgUnit detail, Users tab)
  • #1507 - Order identity roles by role name (code)