Reports module

The reports module integrates the following three features:

  • long running tasks (LRT) – report generation can be cancelled (or killed) the same way as LRT. Report shares LRT's result state (RUNNING, CANCELLED etc.).
  • attachments - when a report is generated, the output data is stored as an attachment in json format. Other types of format for storing generated data can be used, too. The generated json data can be loaded again, and "transformed" to other formats - and downloaded by the client (rest endpoint).
  • common dynamic forms - used as report filters. Filters are saved and used for searching data, when reports are being generated.

For instance, you can have a report generated, listing all identities in xlsx format - with enabled / disabled identities (so you need to search identities by their enabled status).

  • Report can be disabled / enabled by application configuration. E.g. disables the standard Identities report.

Generated reports are secured under group REPORT. Authorization policies are implemented:

General entity report is a feature which enables users to export filtered data tables to xls file. This feature is enabled for identities, roles and systems at the moment. Other entity types will be added in future.

  1. Go to a desired table in CzechIdM's UI (Users for example)
  2. Fill out filter to show only desired records
  3. Select all records, which you want to export
  4. Select "Report" in a newly displayed drop-down menu
  5. Go to "Reports" and download last created report

  • by sourek