Supported connectors

System CzechIdM supports all ConnId connectors. This page contains connectors that are really tested in CzechIdM. The description always includes the version and basic features of the connector. If more information (restrictions, instructions) are available, they are also given here (at least in the form of links).

Name Framework Bundle name Version Connector name Embedded in CzechIdM Sync ProvisioningPoolingNotes
Active Directory ConnId 1.3.3 No Yes Yes Yes wiki
CMD ConnId net.tirasa.connid.bundles.cmd 0.2 net.tirasa.connid.bundles.csvdir.Cmd Connector No Yes Yes wiki
CSV Directory ConnId net.tirasa.connid.bundles.csvdir 0.8.5 net.tirasa.connid.bundles.csvdir.CSVDirConnector Yes Yes Yes wiki
Database Table Connector ConnId net.tirasa.connid.bundles.db.table 2.2.4 net.tirasa.connid.bundles.db.table.DatabaseTableConnector Yes Yes Yes wiki
Flat File ConnId org.connid.bundles.flatfile 1.2 net.tirasa.connid.bundles.csvdir.FlatFileConnector No Yes Yes wiki
FreeIPA ConnId eu.bcvsolutions.freeIpa.connector 1.0 eu.bcvsolutions.freeIpa.connector.FreeIpaConnector No Yes Yes TBA
Google Apps ConnId org.connid.bundles.googleapps 1.4.0 net.tirasa.connid.bundles.googleapps.GoogleAppsConnector No Yes Yes wiki
OpenAM ConnId org.connid.bundles.openam 0.4.1 net.tirasa.connid.bundles.openam.OpenAMConnector No Yes Yes wiki
REST ConnId 1.0.1 No Yes Yes wiki
SOAP ConnId net.tirasa.connid.bundles.soap 1.4.1 net.tirasa.connid.bundles.soap.SOAPConnector No Yes Yes wiki
Scripted SQL Connector ConnId net.tirasa.connid.bundles.db.scriptedsql 2.2.4 net.tirasa.connid.bundles.db.scriptedsql.ScriptedSQLConnector Yes Yes Yes Yes Using, wiki
LDAP Connector ConnId net.tirasa.connid.bundles.ldap 1.5.1 net.tirasa.connid.bundles.ldap.LdapConnector Yes Yes Yes Yes wiki
Powershell Connector* ConnId eu.bcvsolutions.connector.powershell 1.2.7 eu.bcvsolutions.connector.powershell.PowershellConnector No Yes Yes .powershell-connector
JIP/KAAS Connector ConnId eu.bcvsolutions.idm.connector.jip 1.0.1 eu.bcvsolutions.idm.connector.jip.jip-kaas-connector No Yes Yes github, wiki
IceWarp Connector ConnId eu.bcvsolutions.idm.connector 1.0.1 eu.bcvsolutions.idm.connector.IceWarpConnector No Yes Yes github, wiki

* Powershell connector can be used to connect various types of MS Windows based systems such as MS Exchange.

Name Framework Connector name Sync Provisioning Pooling
Alfresco OpenICF AlfrescoConnector Yes Yes
Beplan OpenICF BeplanConnector Yes Yes
CommuniGate OpenICF CGateConnector Yes Yes
Conclusion OpenICF ConclusionConnector Yes Yes
eSpis OpenICF ESPISConnector Yes Yes
MS Exchange OpenICF ExchangeConnector Yes Yes
Ginis OpenICF GinisConnector Yes Yes
ISEA OpenICF ISEAConnector Yes Yes
Helios OpenICF HeliosConnector Yes Yes
Kerio OpenICF KerioConnector Yes Yes
Matrix OpenICF MatrixConnector Yes Yes
Siebel OpenICF SiebelConnector Yes Yes
Plone OpenICF PloneConnector Yes Yes
Windows OpenICF PowerShellConnector Yes Yes
SAP OpenICF SapConnector Yes Yes
SAP CUA OpenICF SAPCUAConnector Yes Yes
Linux OpenICF SSHConnector Yes Yes
Vera OpenICF VeraConnector Yes Yes

Public Administration and Local Government - Agendas and Services:

  1. Gordic Ginis
  2. ICZ eSpis
  3. ICTBrains Matrix
  4. BBM iFIS – finanční řízení
  5. Vera


  1. SAP CUA
  2. Siebel

Domain controllers a Directory services:

  1. Microsoft Active Directory
  2. Kerberos
  3. LDAP/OpenLDAP
  4. Free IPA JSON API
  5. Novell eDirectory

Mail services:

  1. MS Exchange
  2. Office 365
  3. Linux postfix
  4. CommuniGate
  5. Zimbra
  6. Obecné konektory

Database and scripting connectors:

  1. JDBC scripted connector: this is a highly customizable tool for connecting JDBC-supported databases to CzechIdM. This connector is preferred in case you need to handle multiple tables with one system connection.
  1. SSH scripted connector (linux servers)
  2. SCIM connectors


  1. Microsoft SQL Server
  2. MySQL
  3. Oracle
  4. PostgreSQL
  5. Progres

Operating systems:

  1. HP-UX
  2. Linux distributions without restrictions – Red Hat, Debian, SuSE,…
  3. Microsoft Windows all versions
  4. Solaris
  5. S/400

HR systems:

  1. VEMA
  2. OKbase
  3. HRIS
  4. Mysys HRMS
  5. Target
  6. Navision
  7. SAP
  8. Helios Green

Service Desk

  2. Siebel WS
  3. Conclusion
  4. Request Tracker
  5. Jira


  1. StaproMEDEA NIS
  2. StaproPANAKEA
  3. OpenLIMS
  4. LEKIS
  5. AMIS – H


  1. Drupal 7
  2. Liferay
  3. eDirectory connector
  4. Gitlab rest
  5. Google Apps
  6. OpenAM
In case of the CSV connector, there is a problem during the scheme generation. The attributes of the generated scheme are written in lower case, the object returned by the connector, however, has its attributes names in upper case. The solution is to change the names of the attributes manually from lower to upper case in the generated scheme. See more in the CSV section.

Since it isn't desirable to be dependent only on one specific product implementing connectors (Sun ICF, OpenICF, ConnId), a separate implementation, which enables implementing of the frameworks, was created. In addition to that, it also enables creation of proprietary implementations of connectors. The advantage of these connectors is their dependence on our interface only, which we are able to alter and expand later (a proprietary implementation can be, for example, a "virtual system").

The independent IC module (Identity Connector) was created to communicate with the surrounding systems (provisioning / reconciliation/ synchronization). The purpose of this module is to provide an interface for communication with systems.

Go to "Adding more connectors" (devel section) to find out more about adding other connectors.

Currently, the CzechIdM system supports only certain types of connectors. If you want to use other connectors, such as Active Directory or Google Apps, you need to use a remote connector server allowing this option.

Read more on this topic in "Remote connector server."

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