JIP/KAAS Connector

This connector can be used to connect to Czech POINT system. Communication is via API which is provided by the end system.

Connector has few settings which need to be configured before you used it.


You want to use one of these url. Test - https://www.test.czechpoint.cz/spravadat/ws/

Production - https://www.czechpoint.cz/spravadat/ws/


Username for account which will be used for communication with the end system.


Password for account


Shortcut of subject

Type of objectClass

There are two types of object which are supported in current version of connector. __ACCOUNT__ for users and __GROUP__ for roles If you want connect both types make two systems in IdM, with different configuration.

Schema generation is supported by connector. It will generate these schemas:



  • titulyPred
  • firstname
  • surname
  • password
  • email
  • titulyZa
  • object-id
  • loginDisabled
  • Přístup do Agend
  • Přístup do Czech POINT@office
  • Přístup do Virtuos
  • Přístup do informačních systémů
  • Agendové činnostní role

For objectClass GROUPS provisioning is not supported because the API doesn't support it.

For objectClass ACCOUNT, the connector is supporting these operations: CREATE, UPDATE. Other operation are not supported in the API.

Change of first name and last name is possible only if the process of identification(ztotožnění in Czech) was not completed

For ACCOUNT and GROUPS you need to use Reconciliation, normal synchronization is not supported in current version.

Object Operations