SYSTEM entity represents system connected to CzechIdM. Connection and administration of systems serves two purposes:

  • acquiring data - synchronization - synchronization is a scheduled task
  • propagation of data - provisioning - data propagation takes places every time an entity in CzechIdM, e.g. Identity, changes

Systems can be divided into two groups:

  • Source systems, i.e. those which the data is drawn from into CzechIdM.
  • Managed (end) systems, i.e. those which are filled with data from CzechIdM.

A single connected system can be utilized for both acquiring and propagation of data at the same time. For example, an HR system from which data about employees is drawn, but email and login generated in CzechIdM are written back.

CzechIdM connects to systems via standard connectors. There are many connectors nowadays, so virtually every system can be connected to CzechIdM.  System and its representation in CzechIdM

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