Connectors: adding new ones

ConnId framework was chosen as the basic implementation. It is a direct successor of the OpenICF framework.

If needed, another ConnId connector can be added into the system by:

  • Maven dependency in the IdM-parent module (the above mentioned 3 basic connectors are connected in this way).
  • Maven dependency in any other module (searching for available modules takes place in all the system modules).
  • adding a jar distribution of the connector directly into the libraries of the resulting war.

Searching for available ConnId connectors is based on the presence of the @ConnectorClass annotation. Due to optimization reasons the class path isn't searched completely and the search is performed only on the packages defined in (in 'ic.localconnector.packages' property). Only a part of the path can be defined. As default value is set 'net.tirasa.connid', which should ensure accessibility of all ConnId connectors (the setting supports more values).

  • by apeterova