Extended attributes (EAV)

Entities (Identities, Roles…) in CzechIdM contain a set of basic attributes that can deal with most of the general situations. However, due to the fact, that the implementation needs vary, it often happens that there are not enough basic attributes. Therefore, the so-called extended attributes (EAV) can be added to important entities in the GUI. CzechIdM contains an agenda where these attributes can be managed.

 EAVs of Role entity

Those entities currently support extended attributes:

  • Role
  • Identity
  • Tree Node

To be able to add an attribute to an entity, a form must be set up first. The form can be imagined as a set of extended attributes of an entity. There can be more forms for one entity (Identity, Role…), and thus the extended attributes can be logically divided according to them. Every entity that supports EAVs always has default form defined after the CzechIdM installation. It has no EAVs at the beginning, administrators can create them.

 Forms for entity

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