The relation of identities in CzechIdM to a company or organization is represented by an entity called contract. A contract can represent for example:

  • job contract for work – employees
  • study – pupils/students
  • contract/arrangement – external co-workers
  • etc.

A user can have multiple contracts. A contract is in relation to other objects in CzechIdM:

  • Identity - each identity can have multiple contracts.
  • Tree structure – a contract can be added to a tree (organizational) structure, which effectively allows integrating the user into a hierarchical division in an organization.
  • Roles – roles in CzechIdM are assigned to contracts, i.e. a user gets roles through their contracts. Due to this, all manually created identities can have one automatically prepared contract called Default. (This can be disabled but is enabled by default.)

 Entities relations

Every active user should have their contract. Via contracts Roles are assigned to users and users are placed into a Tree structure (working position)

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