IdM data export/import agenda

This agenda is used to transfer configuration data from one IdM to another. A typical use scenario is when you already have IdM configured on a test environment and now you need to migrate the tested configuration to a production environment.

Without this tool, you must manually transfer the settings. Ie. you must create roles, system definitions, including their configurations such as guarantors, linked attributes, etc. So the main goal is to facilitate configuration transfer between individual IdM systems.

This transmission is divided into two basic parts Export and Import:

You can export data from the source IdM by using bulk operations over the appropriate agendas.

For example, if you want to export roles, then first select the appropriate roles in the role agenda and then run the Export Roles bulk operation. The result of this operation will be to create a new export batch in the Menu → Settings → Export/Import agenda. This export batch will contain all exported data that can be downloaded in ZIP format.

Import is performed in the target IdM, when in the same agenda Menu → Settings → Export/Import, we upload the batch that we exported in the source IdM (ZIP).

The import batch can then be run in the so-called demo mode. This mode serves to test what the given batch will actually change in the target IdM.

When we are sure that we really want to make the changes that the batch makes, we can proceed to the launch of the import itself.

  • by svandav