CzechIdM allows sending messages to users. There are several types of notifications in CzechIdM:

* Emails – The most common way of communication, it only requires an available SMTP server. * Websocket – A modern communication protocol used for communication between the web browser (user) and the web server. In CzechIdM, it is used for displaying of informational or warning notices directly in the web browser of a logged-in user. * SMS – CzechIdM provides methods for sending text messages. These methods are available in several implementations for connection with selected SMS gateways using a REST interface. Other implementations can be made based on the available API.

Notifications in CzechIdM are spread via so called topics. Every topic can be configured to send notifications via separate channel - e.g. SMS and Email. When the CzechIdM is installed, default topics are already configured for administrator convenience.

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  • by kotisovam