Duplicate (copy) roles

Role can be duplicated by prepared bulk action. The result of the bulk action is a new role with some attributes copied from the source role.

Bulk action is available in the roles agenda in GUI.

Duplicate operation options:

  • environment (select box) - role will be duplicated to selected environment. If the same as role's environment is selected or environment input is left empty, the role is duplicated in the same environment with suffix added into role's base code, e.g. roleOneroleOne_1. If the different environment is selected, then a duplicate with the same base code is created (or updated).
  • Duplicate role attributes - creates (or updates) configured role attributes.
  • Duplicate sub roles - creates (or updates) sub roles by business role definition (recursively). If the same environment is selected, only one role composition is created - the existing sub role is used. If the different environment (~target environment) is used, then sub roles with the same environment as the original one are duplicated recursively into target environment.
  • Duplicate automatic roles - creates (or updates) configured automatic roles. Both automatic roles by the tree structure and by the attribute are duplicated.
  • by doischert