Transformation scripts

Often, CzechIdM transform data from source system to managed system. For example CzechIdM wants to fill Active Directory's attribute diplayName that is of format <firstName + LastName>. CzechIdM offers using a transformation script during Synchronization and Provisioning.

 Transformation during provisioning

Filling one attribute from 2 entity (identity in our case) attributes, the script is as simple as that:

entity.firstName + " " + entity.lastName

There is a convenient way of how to use transformation scripts. When connecting a system, it is possible to use bundled scripts in so called CzechIdM scripts library. CzechIdM administrators can also add new scripts to the library or change current scripts there.

In fact, all default scripts that are available in GUI after CzechIdM installation, were loaded into application during its previous start. They meet XML format and file incorporates the script body (groovy), script privileges and its purpose. So if you want to track changes on your scripts e.g. with git, this is the best way.

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