Password synchronization

Since version 10.5.0 CzechIdM allows synchronize password from external system. Passwords can be synchronized for example from Active Directory. Password synchronization very helps standard users because they don't need change their password on every system that they use separately. They just simple change password on their own workstation. External system sends the password change request to IdM and IdM will take care of the rest of the password change process → distribution password to next system like AD, Open Ldap, Card system, … .

CzechIdM solve cycle calling and prevents the cycles from password synchronization and classic password change with the new ECHO system.

More about the password synchronization can be found there.

The feature uniform password simplify password change form for basic CzechIdM users and always enforces that password will be changed trough systems in defined uniform password definition.

The combination with password synchronization is uniform password powerful tool that allow one password trough all connected system in IdM.

More about one password trough all systems can be found there.

Password filter is a useful Active Directory extension which provides a manner for common MS Windows users to change their password by a standard way such as (ctrl + alt + del) and have this new password propagated to IdM. Depending on the IdM configuration, the new password may be propagated into other related systems and thus maintain unified password on them. An integral part is also validation, if the new password meets all password policies. More about password filter dll library for AD can be found there

The main goal of a uniform password for new accounts is to ensure that new identities will have the same password in newly created accounts.

More about this you can found here.

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