Known issues

This section is intended to contain the list of known issues that are not quick to solve i.e. those that occur in included libraries. If possible there is a workaround to the issue. This list does not replace the bugtracking tool for CzechIdM -

Some change script is not executed

You can face this issue, during upgrading IdM version. During start up when the change scripts are executed some of them is "skipped" but there is no error and you will notice it later, when you try to use some IdM function which is relying on this change script. This issue was found during upgrade from 9.4 to 9.7.14 and the missing change scripts are from CORE V9_06_002 and V9_06_003 and as result, role assigning failed on server error, because of missing column. Change script V9_06_001 was executed correctly and change script from 9.7.x was executed correctly to.

If you want to be sure, after you upgrade IdM look into database table idm_schema_MODULENAME and check against repository that all change script are there.
If you found some of them is missing just run the change script manually directly in DB.