All executions of these workflows are registered in the audit log in the menu Audit → Workflow history.

Workflow history list

The name of the workflow instance is always comprised of the name of the workflow itself and a variable which most often defines for which process this instance has been executed. For example, from the name Change permissions request for "Administrator", it is obvious that it is a workflow servicing a change permissions request and it has been executed for the user “Administrator” in this instance. The values of the variables in the workflow name are usually marked with quotation marks.

The workflow name often also contains names of entities. For example, if you put the value Administrator in the box Name in this form, you will then get all the workflows related to this user. In contrast, if you enter „Change permissions request“ in the Name box, you will then get all workflows for change permissions request for all users.

  • Last modified: 4 years ago
  • by poulm