Reports module [rpt] - Creating a new report (identities and roles)

CzechIdM gives the administrators a powerful report module to handle reports. In this tutorial we will show how to prepare a report and download a file with the report.

When the reports module is active (Settings → modules), in the main menu there is a Reports item. The reports agenda consists of the table of all reports already generated. To prepare a new report, click on the Add green button.

 Reports GUI agenda

Then choose the appropriate report. In the basic implementation there is only one sample report available. Other reports you can get via implemented reports [reports] module or implement yourself.

 New report configuration

Having chosen the report, optional parameters can be specified. In our example, there is a select box "Include also invalid users" with yes/no values.

After a new report specification is saved, a new report is initiated as a new Scheduled task. The detail of the generation can be shown after clicking on the magnifying glass sign.

As a minimum, the following information is available:

  • Report - its name
  • Status - e.g. Running/Executed
  • Processed - number of objects (e.g. lines in Excel) already processed / total objects
  • Parameters and their values - in our example - Disabled identities:No

If the status is Executed, you can also download the report. The format of the download depends on the report type, usually CSV, JSON, XLSX are available.

Reports are now physically stored in the filesystem (path depends on the module configuration) in JSON format. Translation into other formats takes place when the user wants to download it - so the download preparation may take a while.

Report module - czech language