Customize password change form

Password change can be customized by component descriptor. If you want add or remove components in user password change it is possible by module descriptor, example:

    'id': 'basic-password-change',
    'type': 'password-change-component',
    'component': require('./src/components/advanced/PasswordChangeComponent/PasswordChangeComponent'),
    'disabled': false,
    'order': 0,
    'col': 6
If in module descriptor will not be found components, on password change will be show warning.
Password agenda is from version 9.6.0 composed by two another detail password change form and password metadata detail. Registrable components can be defined only on password change form.
  • id: unique identifier the component,
  • type: type for password change form must be password-change-component,
  • component: specific component that will be included into password change form,
  • disabled: if the component will be visibled,
  • order: order of the component, default component in core has 0 order,
  • col: boostrap col-lg style of the component.

To each component that will be in password change form is addded these props:

  • userContext: current logged user context,
  • accountOptions: array with available accounts (CzechIdM and another accounts),
  • entityId: id of entity for that will be password change done.