Customize password change form

Password change can be customized by component descriptor. If you want add or remove components in user password change it is possible by module descriptor, example:

    'id': 'basic-password-change',
    'type': 'password-change-component',
    'component': require('./src/components/advanced/PasswordChangeComponent/PasswordChangeComponent'),
    'disabled': false,
    'order': 0,
    'col': 6
If in module descriptor will not be found components, on password change will be show warning.
  • id: unique identifier the component,
  • type: type for password change form must be password-change-component,
  • component: specific component that will be included into password change form,
  • disabled: if the component will be visibled,
  • order: order of the component, default component in core has 0 order,
  • col: boostrap col-lg style of the component.

To each component that will be in password change form is addded these props:

  • userContext: current logged user context,
  • accountOptions: array with available accounts (CzechIdM and another accounts),
  • entityId: id of entity for that will be password change done.