Generated values

It is simple. Just create new generator and as generic type use the entity. For example IdmTreeNodeDto.

You must extends AbstractValueGenerator as generic type use dto. Now you just implement settigns for you generator (method getPropertyNames). Generating process is done be method generate. Method getFormAttributes has return form definition for frontend form, you can override it.

After you implement new generator is required add localization into frontend module. Localization is for:

  • Generator
  • settings,
  • help messages.

AS first entry point is in generating process placed processor that catch all create events for all children from AbstractDto. Processor called manager for generating - ValueGeneratorManager. Before generate is checked entity type and removed disabled generators.

Generators are executes in order - sort is done by manager.

It's required implement behavior with regenerate values. Each generator generates some attributes. Manager doesn't know which attributes generators uses and generate. You must implement the behavior for skip regenerate itslef. For example please visit some existing generators.

  • by tomiskar