Generated values

The main functionality of all generator is generating values. In CzechIdM is princip of generated values same. During creating entity is called generator manager. Manager will iterate over all available and enabled generator for currently created identity. Generators are used only when is entity CREATED. Afte creating isn't possible use generators behavior.

Entities that allow generating values:

  • IdmIdentity (users).

Generators are setup via agenda *Generated values* (access via Settings). All generators supports these settings:

  • Order: generators are ordered by this attribute, generating is done from lower to higher 0 → +10 → +20 → …
  • description: description for created generator
  • regenerate value: generators not regenerated values that was send with entity, (BEWARE, these settings must be explicit implement in script generators),
  • disable: generator can be created and set as disabled, generators marked as disabled is skipped during generating,
  • system generator: Generator created by system, can't be deleted and changed order.

Currently are available these generators


Standard username generator uses firstname and lastname for generating username. Order of firstname or lastname can be setup by settings. Generator also allow check generated username for unique. The check is done by search in existing identities.


Standard email generator uses firstname, lastname or username for generating email. Base for generating you can choose by settings. Also characters count and connection character.

Generator is very similiar to username generator. And behavior with compose is same.


Scripted generator uses script from category 'SYSTEM' for generating values. Into script is passed whole identity and the identity must be also returned. The script also contain definition for generator. For example information about settings.


Form default generator is used for add default values into identity eavs. The generator is also created during CzechIdM init phase. The generator skip permissions for Form values - values will be created even user hasn't permissions for create.


Anonymous username generator composes usernames from fixed prefix and generated numeric value from set range. This range is specified by required length of the numerical part. If set (e.g.) to 4, the generated values are from range 0000-9999.

  • by husniko